The E-axes Forum on Climate Change, Macroeconomics
and Finance


A knowledge hub

The E-Axes Forum brings together economists and policy-makers working on monetary and fiscal policies aimed at transitioning towards a sustainable economy.

Join economists in our network to advance knowledge and collaboration

Members share their insights, ask questions, engage in conversations, and upload their research in a structured and searchable network platform.

Watch our Webinars

Our twice-monthly webinars host experts, both academics and policymakers, addressing key issues in climate-change and related fiscal and monetary policies. Watch the presentations live or view the archived videos and download event materials.

New webinars

Upcoming Webinar
November 8, 2021
Francesco Drudi
Principal Adviser and Country coordinator for Greece, European Central Bank
Upcoming Webinar
November 22, 2021
Katie Kedward (UCL), Melina Papoutsi (ECB)
Upcoming Webinar
December 6, 2021
Laura Parisi
Team Lead, ECB Climate Change Centre, European Central Bank

Explore policies and research with two interactive trackers

The Green Monetary and Financial Policies (GMFP) Tracker  maps the global landscape of monetary and financial policies aimed at mitigating climate risk.

The Literature on Climate, Macroeconomics and, Finance (LitCMF) Tracker aggregates literature on climate economics and organizes it around relevant clusters.


Find out more about our network

Send us a message if you want to learn more about our network and how to become a member.

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